Friday, November 9, 2012

Subpar Pumpkin Pie

Oh my goodness. It has been way too long since my last post. I have so much to share and NO time to do it. For the past few weeks, a complex project at work coupled with two back to back yoga teacher training weekends have left no time to call my dad, eat lunch or post updates on the blog. I am not only neglecting the blog, I feel like I am neglecting my family.

Last Sunday, after being gone all weekend with yoga and staying late at the work during the week, I promised Elena we would make a pumpkin pie. We had looked at several recipes and decided to use a recipe with silken tofu. I picked up one package of silken tofu and headed home, exhausted and not really wanting to bake at all. Elena was so excited that I had to bake the pie. It was our time together that weekend. I opened the pack of silken tofu and started to squeeze some of the water out of it. Having only cooked with firm or extra firm tofu, I was in shock as the whole block of silken tofu slid out of the container and down the drain! I was so upset at ruining Elena's only time with me that weekend that I started crying. She hugged me and said we didn't have to bake the pie (total sweetie). I was determined now. We found a recipe without tofu and then realized we didn't have sugar or any other sweetener except for molasses. We made the pie with molasses and it was not good. We called it our Subpar Pumpkin Pie.

This weekend we bought sugar and decided to try again. I decided to skip the silken tofu this time. Someone tell me how to remove the water without destroying this stuff. Anyway our new pie was awesome and no tears shedded!

Elena's first time electric mixing!

Above Average Pumpkin Pie
Elena and Jaben, just because

To A Vegan Fall,

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