Friday, October 12, 2012

A Work Week Vegan Challenge

When my coworkers first expressed interest in a team week long challenge, I wasn't sure they were serious however several people continue to express interest. I offered to gather a list of resources, a shopping list and sample recipes to assist them in this endeavor. I want to make some sort of a hard card with the big stuff everyone wants to know; calcium sources, protein info, common substitues, etc. I looked at Oprah's challenge info for her staff, PETA's starter kit and a few online resources. I am unable to find exactly what I am looking for so I am going to create my own. Please feel free to pass along any other resources that you may have found that would be helpful.

The only picture I have of my coworkers
I will post pictures of the finished product and follow my team's journey here as well.  The picture above is a little outdated (a few people left and a few have joined since then) however I will get a new picture once the challenge begins.

Elena pretending to work

To sharing knowledge and helping others,

The Jubilee Food!

There is OMazing food at The World Peace Jubliee! Thursday I enjoyed some of the best food that I have ever tasted. Seriously. At every meal, there were very few conversations however many people exclaiming "wow", "damn" or "this is the best insert any food here I have ever had".  I have to try to recreate the mac and cheese, corn bread, polenta and peanut soup.

The best mac and "cheese" EVER, seriously ever

I spent most of the day helping in the kitchen. I am hoping that I was able to soak up a little of that cooking wonder and apply it at home. I didn't have a chance to take too many pictures but I managed to take a few. I helped cut fruit for a fruit salad, chopped pineapple for smoothies and made big batches of coleslaw among other things.  I left my kitchen duties for a few hours to assist in a cooking class. Christy Morgan or The Blissful Chef  was teaching a cooking class making smoothies, pumpkin pancakes and tempeh bacon. I assisted in passing out samples, taking pictures and assisting in clean up. I am volunteering again tomorrow and I am almost sad that I will not be in the kitchen. I will be in the Boutique. If are fortunate enough to be coming to The Jubilee, stop in and say hi (or bring me some lunch ;).

Roasted cauliflower with fennel (SO GOOD)

I have to go to bed early so I maybe can get a piece of that cinnamon coffeecake before I start working!

Good night,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In the Kitchen at the Jubilee!

Starting tomorrow I will be volunteering at The World Peace Jubilee. I will be there Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. This will be my first Jubilee and I am thrilled to say that my first volunteer job is bright and early in the kitchen to assist in making the incredible food for everyone. Take a look at the sample menu.  It will be an honor to be in the kitchen with Mark Stroud who I have mentioned before (remember the food for yoga teacher training weekend).

I am sure I will be too busy to take pictures but I will try to get a few.

Yoga, peace and love,


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our First Vegan Fall!

The leaves are changing colors and Trader Joe's put out all their pumpkin goodies so it must be fall. Unfortunately or rather fortunately, we will not be making Trader Joe's pumpkin pancakes as we typically have for many years now. However as much as it appears to non vegans, being vegan is not about giving up food or depriving yourself. It is about living according what you feel (and have researched) is right and about saying no to the powerful meat and dairy industries, saying no to unnecessary environmental impact and saying no to violence.

Instead of buying Trader Joe's pumpkin pancake mix, Elena and I baked pumpkin muffins. We will definitely try making pumpkin pancakes as well. We are saving this for this upcoming weekend.

Pumpkin muffins with dried cranberries

Fall also means my father brings over squash and we typically make a soup. It is pretty yummy but I wanted to try something new. I decided if people make cakes and pies with pumpkin then I can make a cake with acorn and butternut squash. We made a vegan squash cake with cinnamon icing! It turned out moist and delicious. I am not a big recipe person but the recipe worked too well not to share. We took a few different recipes and combined them to make the Mon and Meg Vegan Squash Cake.

The Mon and Meg Vegan Squash Cake
2 cups of flour
1/2 cup of oats
some salt
teaspoon of baking soda
1/2 cup canola oil
2 1/2 cups of squash (we used acorn and spaghetti)
teaspoon of cinnaMON
teaspoon of nutMEG

We roasted an acorn squash and butternut squash for an hour and half at 350 degrees. Don't forget to remove the seeds and the stringy stuff.  After the squashes cooled, we scooped the yummy stuff out and it was ready to go. You then mix everything together and cook for 30 minutes also at 350 degrees.

CinnaMON Icing
3 tablespoons of Earth Balance
1/3 cup of sugar
cinnamon to taste
splash of non dairy milk

Mix everything and add milk until it is the right consistency.

Squash cake, wine and a toad on a candle

Close up
To all the vegan fall goodies,