Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We All Scream For...Vegan Raspberry Sorbet

I have been wanting a Vitamix for some time now. It was a good thing I mentioned this to Jason casually, planting an idea for a possible Christmas gift. He informed me that his mom had one and hasn't used it (that he was aware of) for a long time. We went to see Linda this past weekend and because she is moving into a smaller place, she asked if she had anything that we could use. No way, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Vitamix. It is an older model in perfect condition. It is pretty. Check it out...

Cashew butter and ice cream for everyone!

The first thing Elena wanted to make was ice cream. We added raspberries, vanilla (just a small capful), a splash of almond coconut milk and ice to the Vitamix and let it go. We ended up with more of a sorbet but that was OK, it was delicious anyway.

Elena adding the raspberries
Raspberry Sorbet
I am thinking a banana chocolate ice cream for our next try or maybe something with peanut butter. My kid pointed out that the taste was so fresh that you could taste the different ingredients. She was right. The vanilla added a depth to this treat that was definitely worth the effort. Who says vegans are missing out??

My beautiful mom in law with Elena ironically in Graeter's PV (pre vegan)


Wait a minute, Thanksgiving is next week. How about Pumpkin Ice Cream?!

To a cool treat on a cool evening,

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