Monday, November 12, 2012

Never the Same Veggie Soup

We love soup! It is so easy to make and a wonderful way to keep warm in the fall and winter.  A few days ago, we made a wonderful veggie soup with butternut squash and zucchini however last night we made a equally comforting veggie soup with mustard greens.

Squash and zucchini veggie soup with mixed grains

Every pot is different but they will all contain celery, onion and carrots that have been sauteed in Bragg's Amino Acids, liquid smoke and plenty of garlic. We will add either veggie broth like Trader Joe's Organic Vegetable Broth or veggie bouillon cubes. Next we add noodles, couscous, beans, barley, or quinoa (or a combination of several). Don't forget nutritional yeast and I know if my yogis from The Lucky 13 are reading you will not forget the nutritional yeast. Then add any special vegetables for example, rainbow chard, mustard greens, squash cubes, peppers, zucchini, you name it. We let it all cook together for 20 minutes on medium high and then serve with salad or sandwich. It is good right away but even better tomorrow.

Veggie soup with mustard greens and rotini

Stay warm,

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