Sunday, May 6, 2012

Be Prepared and Wellness Update

Quick Thierbach Wellness Update
I have health news to share in regard to each of the Thierbachs. Jason has a bike again. It is green and looks pretty cool. He loves to ride bikes so it is super cool he has one again.
Elena has been in a running club the past few months in which she has run the equivalent of 25.2 up until today. She completed her last marathon mile on the Flying Pig track. This is a wonderful idea to get kids moving around. Also congrats to all the Flying Pig participants this weekend. Awesome stuff. Eventually, I will run farther than 4-5 miles and perhaps consider training.
Lastly, I signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training Program. It starts in June and I could not be more excited.

Preparation is Essential 
The most difficult part of this diet is not giving up cheese (milk creeps me out), it is being prepared for the lack of vegan friendly foods out in the world. We ate food that we didn't really want to out of convenience for many years. I don't want convenience to prevent me from living according to what I believe or to lower my standards on the quality of food we consume. What could be more important than the food you are putting in your body? Anyway, the tough part so far is the lack of organization in my fridge, the constant cutting and roasting of veggies and the diligence needed to pack our lunches due to the crap at our respective cafeterias.
It is not difficult, more time consuming and seems like a labor of love now because I don't want to go back. Losing weight effortlessly is a nice incentive as well.

Ways We Prepare
I spend a few hours on the weekend baking treats because most cookies, cakes, etc. out there are not worth eating. Yesterday, Elena and I made lemon cupcakes and carrot muffins. Yum! I also spend a few hours cutting and roasting vegetables. They can be refrigerated after and then used in several different ways later. I will cut up raw veggies as well. They can be placed in small containers for snacks or to throw into a meal quickly. Jason takes a few cans of soup, nuts, etc. to work to make sure to have something. I am still in need of a new way to organize the fridge with more veggies in it than before. I haven't found what works best but will share once I find it. I will take any suggestions as well.

Recent Thierbach Meals
A big hit lately has been a tofu scramble. We eat this at breakfast and sometimes dinner. Below is a scramble with kale, roasted sweet potatoes and black beans. There is a side of "bacon" and a homemade vegan biscuit. The cool thing about the scramble is that you can make it different every time so it doesn't get boring. You can also eat a ton of it and not feel guilty because it is primarily veggies.

Below are the lemon cupcake and carrot cupcake from Vegan With a Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Both are delicious.

Have a healthy and tasty rest of your weekend!!

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