Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recent Reviews and Recipes

I meant to post this weekend and it just didn't happen. Sorry!

Restaurant Review
Adorable appropriate anniversary card for Jason
Jason and I celebrated our anniversary on Saturday. We decided to celebrate with the kid because we had a "date" last weekend and because we were going to The Loving Hut. We knew she would LOVE to give this place a try as everything there  is vegan.  The parking lot is in the back and has only one lane in and out. I think we will park on the street next time. The menu has a ton of options that are available all the time and there were also specials. There is a seating area in the back with two flat screens showing famous vegans and their wisdom, short promos regarding environmental topics and pictures of their other locations including international locations.
Elena had a piece of artwork in Art in the Park on Saturday so we had to celebrate her first art showing as well.

Elena had the kid's veggie nuggets and veggie straws, Jason had an A1 Burger and I had a Buffalo Wrap. We all shared a Spring Roll and later at home, a piece of chocolate cake. Everything was yummy. My only complaint is that I wanted one of everything and had to pick one thing. We will definitely go back. I hear their macaroni and cheese is pretty good according to Sheri.
Elena's nuggets and veggie straws
Jason's A1 Burger

My Buffalo Wrap

Elena in front of Happy (her clown painting)
My anniversary present was 3 books from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, host of the award winning podcast Food For Thought.  I love love love Colleen so this was a super awesome gift. We have a gazillion recipes now in the house and tons of vegan info!

Thanks Jason! Love you

Another Vegan Beer!
I filled my growler with another tasty vegan beer...Flying Dog Atlantic Lager.

Not beer, a few herbs from a neighbor's garden

Where Are the Recipes??
I know I said that I would include a few recipes this post however as you can imagine I have so many to choose from now that I need a little time to decide which ones to pick first. I am going to enjoy a glass of organic wine now. The bottle has a little lady bug on it so it has be good.

A healthful goodnight,