Friday, May 11, 2012

Socially Vegan; Fun or Frustrating

Why Do You Care What We Eat?
Jason, Elena and I have all had situations were our diet has caused someone else to act defensively, make ridiculous comments or to be down right angry. It is the most bizarre thing.
 My daughter faces daily comments and an occasional serenade at school. She has been told her food is weird, that is she is strange and sometimes a certain boy will sing to her about making sure she is getting enough protein. Elena is a very confident kid who is unwavering in her intention about reducing her impact on the earth and limiting her suffering of animals so she will let these comments roll off of her. She tries to educate her classmates on plant based protein and calcium sources however doesn't get frustrated when they tell her she is lying. She is an inspiration to me. She does however have a few friends who ask her questions out of curiosity and with respect.

This morning I went to the cafeteria where I work to purchase a breakfast sandwich with my friend, Kelli. I haven't ordered anything in the cafeteria since my life changing decision. I ordered grilled veggies on a whole wheat bagel and was relieved when the lady who took my order didn't seem to think anything of my sandwich choice.  However I was taken aback when the lady cooking my sandwich yelled out "who ordered the veggies on a bagel?" and I had to walk forward to see why she seemed confused or mad.  She asked me several times what I was doing and asked if I was sure I didn't want egg and cheese on the sandwich. When I confirmed that I didn't want egg and cheese, she was overly concerned with how my sandwich was going to stay together. She eventually decided that a bed of spinach might hold the sandwich together. To top it off, when she handed me the finished sandwich she rolled her eyes and asked me to let her know how it works out. I am not sure I want to order anything from the cafeteria anytime soon.

Friends May Offer Support and Yummy Vegan Treats

Elena has an awesome best friend, Nathan. Nathan recently had a birthday party. I was thinking about making Elena a vegan cupcake to take to the party when I received a text from Nathan's mom, Collette. She let me know that when she took the eggs out to make the cake, Nathan reminded her that Elena was vegan and would not eat eggs. He insisted the cake was made vegan to include her in his special day. I was so touched by his kindness. I appreciate the way this sweet lil guy cares about daughter. There were other vegan treats as well. Collette made sure to show us what to avoid. We felt welcomed and included. It was a great party , um I mean a gross party. He actually had a Gross Out Party! A few gross vegan treats are below...

I am sure we will have many more odd experiences in which people react in odd ways to our food choices.I will continue to share and reflect on why this happens. I believe this topic makes people examine their own food choices or they feel as if they are being judged for their animal based choices. This odd social aspect of being vegan can make things difficult at times but thanks to good friends like Nathan and Collette, being vegan can be normal and easy.

Thierbach Anniversary
Jason and I are coming up on our 11th wedding anniversary. We plan to celebrate in Lexington this weekend and would like to check out a vegan friendly restaurant. We went to Happy Cow to see what choices we have in Lexington. There were several restaurants listed however I am not sure if we have decided yet. Maybe Planet Thai.  If you know of a good vegan friendly restaurant in Lexington, let me know!

I have much more to say however there is a Samuel Smith yummy beer waiting for me. It is vegan of course.



  1. Just wanted to say that what you guys are doing as a family is awesome, and quite inspiring! I've been vegetarian (lacto/ovo) for over 16 years now, but haven't been able to make the leap to vegan, even though that's usually the evolution of this lifestyle change. Perhaps with your continued inspiration I shall! Jason, it's certainly great to see you healthy and happy!

  2. Thanks Chuck! We've gradually been phasing out most meats over the years and going vegan really seemed like the right thing to do. It really makes sense to us for many reasons. The transition has been surprisingly easy for us and it definitely makes it easier when we are all on board.