Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vegan Miscellany

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for Reading
I am so appreciative that you are reading our blog. I thought only a handful of people would check it out so it is very cool to see lots of viewers in several countries (even if some of the traffic is by mistake). Many people mentioned they are interested in more recipes. I can do that. This weekend, I will list several of our favorite recipes and make sure to include a new one with each post.  While I am thanking, thanks to my husband for my new veggie logo!

Important Stuff...Vegan Beer
Schafly's Raspberry Hefeweizen is not only vegan but also has fresh, pureed raspberries added during the fermentation process (according to their website). The scent is incredible. It is currently available on tap for growler refill at DEP in Fort Thomas. I am enjoying a glass right now. Actually my glass is right back.

Non-Vegan Kids Can Be Cruel
All kids can be cruel however Elena's most recent experience was related to her diet. Emily told everyone that Elena's vegan cheese on her sandwich was real cheese. She also informed the table that there was no such thing as a vegan and that Elena made it up. Lastly, she informed Elena that she no longer wanted to be her friend. Earlier in the year, Emily told Elena the same thing which upset my kid. Today, she proudly retold the story of how she told Emily that is was fine if they were not friends. She explained to me that a friend wouldn't act that way. I love my kid. She is awesome.

Planet Thai in Lexington, Ky
This past weekend, Jason and I were able to go out on a date! Last TVA, I mentioned not knowing where we would consume food on our date. We opted for Planet Thai which was pretty yummy. Our dinners are below. Jason went with the Red Curry Noodles with tofu and I opted for the Planet Thai Noodles with tofu. We both went with a 3 on spicy and DAMN. We had plenty of leftovers and the price was reasonable. I suggest Planet Thai if you are ever hungry in downtown Lexington.  

It is time to relax and read a little. My favorite  book (I read multiple books at a time, bad idea) that I am currently reading is The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle.

Have a healthy evening!

Red Curry Noodles

Planet Thai Noodles

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  1. I should surely like to thank your husband to make me a logo! Hhhmmm... *bats eyes at Jason*