Monday, April 30, 2012

No One is Perfect

Doing Something versus Doing Nothing
I am not a perfect wife, mom, friend, etc. however I strive to be the best that I can and I am applying this same mindset to my family's diet and wellness. I am not using this idea as a license to pick up a hamburger from time to time (ew) but as a reminder that if we mess up, it is OK. I think so many people view behavior as all or nothing in regard to exercise, healthy eating or other aspects of their lives.

There is a Fish Bladder in my Beer??!!
We are now familiar with most animal products that are not obvious to spot; gelatin and casein to name a couple however I came across one the other day that was most bizarre. Isinglass is in beer and wine and it is made from dried fish bladders! Luckily, this odd animal product is not in all beer and wine. My favorite, Bells Oberon is vegan however tonight I filled up my growler with Great Crescent Golden Ale without even thinking. At least, I am using a refillable growler. I checked their website when I came home however there is no mention of Isinglass, fish or vegan. I emailed the Brew Master, we will see (fingers crossed).

My Lotion and Couch Aren't Vegan...Nor My Shoes
Elena was sitting on our beautiful, espresso brown, IKEA leather couch one day and it hit her...leather is not vegan. She jumped up and refuses to sit on it. She asked us to place it back on Craiglist where we found it. I love my kid and she is an inspiration to our family however she is not the boss nor a decision maker. We informed her that we probably had more products, clothing, etc. in the house made of animal products and that we were not immediately replacing all of them. We agreed to replace as needed with cruelty free and earth friendly counterparts.

What the Heck Did the Thierbachs Consume Today if Not Meat and Dairy? 

Breakfast- Granola, soy yogurt, coconut and almond milk blend (YUM) and mixed berries
Lunch - Peanut butter and jelly, salad, soup and assorted raw veggies
Dinner -Chickpea burgers and tahini cucumber sauce , the recipe was from the 30 Day Vegan Challenge , roasted sweet potatoes, peppers and rice

I would write more and post pictures however it is time to drink more beer (hopefully fish bladderless).


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