Saturday, April 28, 2012

Big Decision

Our Life Changing Decision
My family made the decision to no longer consume animal products a few weeks ago. I don't remember the exact day however I will try to figure this out (we will need to celebrate our vegaversary).  The switch to a plant based diet has been one of the easiest and important decisions that we have made. We have much to figure out with our new lifestyle so I thought it might be helpful to record this journey as it unfolds. 

Who Are the Thierbachs and Why the Heck Did They Choose to Become Vegan?
The Thierbach family consists of Jason, Christy (that's me) and our daughter, Elena. Elena is an extremely compassionate child who cares for all animals and nature. She would be the catalyst for this change. My BFF, Sheri is a vegan and shares a love of animals with Elena. Elena has inquired of Sheri's diet often and has assisted with Sheri's blog, Rainbows Of Vegan Love. I received a new phone for Valentine's Day, an iPhone which would ignite a vegan spark that I could never has realized at the time. When filling up my new phone with pod casts from iTunes, I found the perfect podcast to help with the discussions my daughter wanted to have regarding Sheri's veganism, Food for Thought by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. A specific podcast caught my eye regarding raising a child vegan, I mean would Elena get all the protein she needed, what about calcium?? I needed to know because I could see my child moving in that direction on her own. After listening to that podcast, I downloaded several more. I was hooked and after a few family discussions around dinner, meat was gone. This change was not drastic as we really only ate fish at home already. We had gradually removed meat from our diets the past few years eating it only in social situations (this is a whole other blog topic).The more pod casts I listened to, and the more Jason read, we agreed that it made sense to consider veganism. We also watched the movie Forks Over Knives and knew we had further change to make in our diets, mindsets and actions.

So What Did the Thierbachs Eat Today?
Breakfast - Christy had a packet of almond butter and an apple while Jason and Elena had homemade breakfast biscuits; one with cornmeal and organic preserves and other with granola and walnuts.
Lunch -  Everyone had leftovers from Myra's Dionysus and assorted raw veggies with hummus.
Dinner -Everyone had spinach spaghetti, salad and garlic bread

Future Blog Topics?
Health benefits
The environmental impacts of an animal based diet
Local vegan friendly restaturants and stores
Cooking with soy, tempeh, liquid smoke
Anything and everything else related to eating heathfully and mindfully
Suggested books and resources

I will add more pictures, resources, recipes and info as I learn this new blogging skill.

Christy Thierbach


  1. I'm super happy to be a part of this with you and share yummy recipes. :)

    1. Yes, it took us a little while to catch up but we are with you now. Thanks for being a positive influence and for never judging us. Love you!

  2. I wish that all children were like Elena...our future as a planet, would definately be in good hands.

    1. Wow, thanks! What a wonderful thing to say. I am excited to see the difference she makes in the world.