Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Vegan Valentine

A few days before Valentine's Day, Elena informed me that she was looking forward to Valentine's Day because she loves our family's tradition of exchanging a lil something on special days. We always get up together on birthdays and the other holidays to give each other something small but that we really enjoy. I was thankful for the reminder because I had no idea Valentine's Day was coming up soon. I asked Jason to find a little dragon and a card for her. Elena and I set out to find something small for Jason. We ended up at Park + Vine as we needed vegan whipped cream for Elena's class party. They were making ice cream sundaes. At Park + Vine, we found the perfect sweet treat for Jason...a conversation heart cookie from Sweet Peace Bakery.

Be My Vegan Valentine!

Early Valentine morning, we exchanged our little gifts. I received the sweetest gift ever. Jason gave me a necklace from Christy Robinson Designs! The necklace is a baby goat made from recycled aluminum. The necklace is stamped with a lotus flower and the word "ahimsa". So sweet!!

Ahimsa Goat Necklace from Christy Robinson Designs


We decided to go to dinner as well to finish up our Valentine's Day or maybe we just wanted a reason to go back to Green Dog Cafe. Green Dog is a locally owned, environmentally conscience restaurant with lots of vegan options. Elena and I  shared the Green Dog Chili Fries and edamame while Jason had the Green Chow Chow Bowl. Oh my goodness, those fries were crazy good. I have thought about them often and I am looking for an excuse to go back.

Green Dog Vegan Chili Fries
Jason's Curry Chow Chow Bowl

Elena and I want to try brunch at Park + Vine soon so maybe on National Pi Day or Dentist Day, they are coming up soon.

To My Vegan Valentines,

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