Monday, April 8, 2013

Yoga Break and New Name

I have not been posting frequently. There, I said it. Well, I typed it. I was almost worried about it and then I remembered why I haven't been posting frequently. I am in Yoga Teacher Training and I am so close to certification. So close and yet a good amount of homework and practice teaching hours away. I have decided to focus all my extra time on my certification. My posts will be minimal until the first week in June as I complete my homework and teaching hours.

Connecting with my little vegan

There is a deep connection between yoga and being vegan. Yoga means to connect and when we eat we connect our bodies with the food we put in our mouths. Being vegan to me is to listen to my intuition and consciously eat the most healthful foods that cause the least amount of harm to anyone else including the Earth. When I eat, I am connecting to the idea of ahimsa. Ahimsa is seeing the connectedness of other beings to ourselves and feeling compassion and respect for them. It is important because this is the principle that explains that since we are all one, we certainly don’t want to cause harm to others (or eat them!).

I have so much to share when I get a chance. I am making a list right now so I don't forget.

- The Lucky 13's last teacher training cooking class
- Vegan food on a road trip with non vegan family
- Non vegan "friend" adding beef to my salad when I wasn't looking
- Our new wheat grass juicer!

We celebrated our Vegaversary at Park + Vine. We had brunch and it was fantastic!! We had two Danny's, a cinnamon roll from Sweet Peace Bakery and a side of vegan goetta. YUM.

The Danny- Tofu scramble, biscuit and gravy and potatoes, we added a serving of vegan goetta
Lastly, the Vegan Easter Dragon visited our place. I hear he is tight with Vegan Santa. He brought a very colorful, stuffed dragon who was guarding a small basket. You know how dragons like to protect things. The basket contained a few vegan treats and markers. Elena almost forgot to look for the basket once she found the dragon.

Vegan Easter Dragon

I am kicking around a new name that is less specific in hopes to attract more readers. Once I can devote more time to the blog, I would like to get back to more helpful information for families that are interested in or in the midst of a transition, recipes and requests. Any ideas, thoughts, etc. would be appreciated.

I will leave you with a recipe for a Chocolate Peanut Pie with a homemade crust. The pie was a block of silken tofu, a cup of peanut butter and a cup of melted vegan chocolate chips. So easy, melt the chips and then Vitamix it all up. Pour into the crust and chill for a few hours.

The crust was two cups of Nature Made Hemp granola ground into powder in the food processor and then mixed with 1/3 cup Earth Balance and a sprinkle of sugar. We pushed that into a pie tin and then cooked it for 6ish minutes on 350. Let it cool before using. We made this pie for Rebecca and Chris's Pi Day Pie Party.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie


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