Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It Is Easy To Order Vegan at...

I really need to post more often! I could say I have been really busy but the truth is busy or not, this is a priority of mine and I need to post more often. Ok, so being vegan can be challenging when friends (especially non vegan friends) want to dine out. I really prefer to cook at home where I prepare and control our food. However it is inevitable that a vegan will be forced to go somewhere that is not vegan friendly. I have made a few observations dining out lately and thought it might be helpful to share if certain restaurants make ordering vegan easy or not easy.

I went to Applebee's with coworkers and I had a lovely time. The company was awesome however my salad was grossly overpriced. I didn't see much on the menu to begin with so I went to the salads to see what I could do.  I asked for the chicken spinach salad with no chicken and no cheese. I asked if they would add a few other veggies. The server said no problem after he joked about how high maintenance I was in my ordering. The salad was a plate of spinach (which I love ), a few almonds and even less cranberries. I was charged the same price as the salad with the chicken breast placed on top and smothered with cheese. Not easy to order vegan at Applebee's.

I should have bought a bag of spinach like this!

Not soon after the Applebee's Spinach Fiasco, my team went to Barleycorn's and I was expecting the same experience. I was wrong. I mentioned I was vegan and didn't want any animal products and the server leaned in, looking at the menu and asked what i was thinking. Together we worked out that I would get a side salad that would include all the veggies from all the other salads and a side of sweet potato fries. My salad was delicious and only $3.99! Thanks Barleycorn's for making it easy to order vegan.

 My favorite place to enjoy a meal right now is Mellow Mushroom . They have tempeh and tofu as toppings. They carry vegan cheese and even have gluten free pizza dough. The beer selection is excellent as well. Look at this beauty of a pizza below...

The Mega Veggie with Vegan Cheese

To breaking vegan bread with friends and family,