Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Hug From Dr. Will Tuttle!

Yes, it is another post about Dr. Will Tuttle. Elena and I went to World Peace Yoga and Motion Studio last night to hear Dr Tuttle discuss the metaphysics of food.  Elena seemed to enjoy hearing him speak at the Walk so I told her she could go. When we got there, I had second thoughts. It hit me that this discussion would more sophisticated than the Saturday one. I worried she would get bored and make tons of noise. Thankfully, I did think to bring a note pad and pencil so she could draw if she decided. She did draw. She drew a collage of animals that Will referenced throughout the night. It was beautiful and little did I know, she drew it for him. Unfortunately, she ripped the edge a little when she tore it out of the note pad. She didn't seem to mind and neither did he. When he hugged and thanked her,  she was so excited. A vegan celebrity gave her a hug! (her words) On the way home, we talked about what he had said and it was obvious that she paid attention and understood what she heard.

It made my heart smile to hear Elena telling Rebecca about the eggless egg salad she made for us. She is not able to talk "vegan" with too many people so I know she is loving this conversation.

Elena and Rebecca when they first met ay WPY

To discussing our vegan passion with vegan friends,

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