Friday, July 6, 2012

Zucchini Bread and a New Thierbach!

Before the introduction of the new Thierbach (who is actually not a vegan) and the zucchini bread, I wanted to provide a update on Mission: Vegan Kid Quest. We went to a Vegan or Not 4th of July party and Elena met other veggie and veg curious kids. We enjoyed tons of yummy vegan food including chili dogs, dill dip in cucumber boats and lots of fresh from the garden veggies. Lastly, we enjoyed a very patriotic vegan flag cake baked with love by Sheri Fuqua of Rainbows of Vegan Love. 
Elena and I are going back to Jen's house this Sunday to learn how to make vegan sushi rolls! I will definitely post pictures of our rolls after we give it a try.

Jen gave us 2 huge zucchinis so we had to make zucchini bread.  We made two loaves and are enjoying a few slices tonight right out of the oven with a little Earth Balance.

Dill dip in cucumber boats made by Jen Scheben
Zucchini bread with a little Earth Balance
Elena making zucchini bread

Here's Sheldon Cooper Thierbach!
We heard about two pregnant mother cats that were abandoned and decided to take a kitten into our home. Between the two moms, there were many kittens to choose from however the Thierbach household was drawn to a kitten named Sheldon. We are fans of The Sheldon Cooper so we decided to keep his name. He is approximately 6 weeks old and had an issue with some worms and fleas. He seems to feel much better and is wreaking havoc on our condo but in the most adorable way. We do not plan to raise Sheldon as a vegan however I will do a little research to see what cat foods are healthier out there.

Elena and Sheldon

Sheldon taking a nap

I am working on the next post currently which is by request. I am going to list and provide a summary of the movies, books, etc. that have influenced us most during our journey thus far. There have been many and it has been several years since I have revisited a few so I am going back and watching a few scenes, reading a few chapters and listening to my favorite podcasts in preparation.


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