Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Thierbach Contest with a Vegan Prize

Happy Thursday!

Jason and I had noticed that we are losing weight with our vegan lifestyle however we both have a problem area. I don't care for the extra gunk on my arms and Jason would like to see his stomach become smaller. We agreed that a healthy competition could provide more incentive. He measured my upper arm and I measured his waist and the results are on paper. The winner will have the biggest percentage of loss at the end of the contest. The loser will purchase, prepare, and clean up a vegan meal and dessert of the winner's choice. I am so going to win this!

Maybe Jason can make stew in a pumpkin...

or maybe spanakopita? I have time to decide.

Did You Know?
Cows used to get their calcium from grass however most cows don't eat grass anymore. Milk has to be fortified to have calcium these days because cows eat primarily corn. Most people think cows have a natural abundance of calcium and that we NEED milk to get our calcium. I prefer to skip the cows and go straight the source, leafy greens. Chard, kale, soy milk (also fortified but with no harm to cows!), tofu and beans are good calcium sources.

Wish your favorite Thierbach luck!

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