Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Belated Vegan Birthday Dinner

My crazy, sassy, non vegan friend Robyn made me a vegan feast last night as a belated birthday present. Robyn makes excellent Indian food which she typically prepares with butter and chicken. She used oil instead of butter and opted for potatoes, onions and mushrooms. Along with the curry vegetables and rice, we enjoyed hummus, fresh vegetables, fruit, salsa, etc. It was delicious!

Hummus, veggies and salsa

Curry potatoes, onions, mushrooms over rice

She bought almond milk ice cream bites as well. It is very touching to have meat eaters make a vegan meal for us. Thanks Robyn! Elena loved the meal and Robyn's daughter Amerie' didn't seem to miss anything by the lack of butter and meat.

Elena and Amerie'

Loving Hut Lunch
Last week, Elena and I went to The Loving Hut for lunch before going to Kings Island. Elena had her usual, veggie nuggets and veggie straws. I had a raw pizza and a salad with local greens. Wow. Their house dressing is a ginger almond dressing and it is fantastic.

My raw pizza and salad!
My lil vegan with her veggiesaurus and root beer

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Vegan Forever,

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