Sunday, June 24, 2012

Avocado Cupcakes and Sushi!

A Vegan Apology
My best friend Sheri (the one who inspired Elena to consider learning more about being a vegan) made avocado cupcakes with avocado butter cream icing for my birthday a few weeks ago. They were light and delicious. The Thierbach family ate them, quickly. Unfortunately, the only picture taken of the was too blurry to post. I hope Sheri knows how much we loved them even though they were not highlighted out here.

Sheri's girlfriend, Jen made sushi and gave me two veggie rolls. Same thing...they were slighted out here due to the lack of a picture. However you can see the sushi on Sheri's blog, Rainbows of Vegan Love. I thought when I first became vegan that sushi was out forever because I certainly don't know how to make it and I wasn't going to a sushi restaurant for just veggie rolls. Jen's rolls were super fantastic and proved to me that you don't have to give up anything if you are vegan.

Here are Sheri and Jen...

Sorry to leave out the awesome vegan treats you gave me!
Love you both,

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  1. Don't worry your head, Bff.. It's all good. :) Glad you enjoyed your birthday foods. See you soon! xo.