Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yoga Vegan Love

This weekend I started my first weekend of Yoga Teacher Training! The program is one weekend a month from August until June. I decided to go to World Peace Yoga and Motion Studio for a few reasons. My first reason was the calm and peace that surrounds you when you walk in the door. Everyone is inviting, encouraging and delightful. I leave World Peace feeling incredible. The other reason is this program looks at yoga holistically by including (to name a few) anatomy, the value of yogic wisdom that can be applied to our lifestyle today and (drum roll) ahismic food preparation. Ahimsa means to do no harm or to avoid violence SO ahimsic food preparation is to prepare food that causes no harm or the least amount of harm. Being vegan for us is exactly about causing the least amount of harm as possible to the animals, the Earth and ourselves. When I looked at all the YTT  here in Cincinnati, there was no comparison. World Peace felt like home and I signed up.

2012-2013 World Peace YTT class

Our first two days were amazing. We spent much time on our mats being guided in asana sequences and we experienced a group meditation. We even discussed the relation between food and yoga.  The people are amazing, the music is amazing. I am overwhelmed by thinking about what is to come.

Lunch was provided this weekend and I can't believe that I didn't take pictures of our meals. I photograph almost every meal these days however I completely forgot, still a little nervous I guess. Mark made us two of the most delicious meals that I have ever tasted. Best broccoli that I have ever had, hands down. On Saturday we enjoyed spring rolls, a tofu rice stir fry and a vegetable slaw. Today, we had a mixed greens salad, pesto pasta (damn), garlic bread and the broccoli that had vegan crack on it. I think I am a pretty good cook however I cannot wait for cooking classes with Mark!
This place is something else. Check them out at World Peace Yoga and Motion Studio. There is a restaurant on the way and classes for anyone interested in any type of yoga or meditation.

Thanks to all the teachers and students I met this weekend. It was an incredible experience.


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