Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Mansion for Animals

Elena decided earlier this week that she is going to buy a mansion for the purpose of saving animals. The idea began when she was thinking about all the cats and dogs stuck at shelters or on the street by no fault of their own. She is adamant however that no creature will be turned away. She is anxious to take in discarded farm animals that sanctuaries are unable to keep and animals that are not native to this area that might have been abandoned when they became too much work.

This is a great idea however where is an 8 year old going to get enough money to buy a mansion and supplies to care for countless animals? I was going to ask however she offered up her plan before I could ask about it. She is going to continue to learn to cook now so when she is old enough she can compete on Chopped, Cupcake Wars and Sweet Genius. She plans to show the viewers how easy and yummy it is to cook vegan and take the prize money to put towards the mansion.

Floor plan for the animal mansion     

I am not sure if Elena will stick with the mansion idea but I do know that whatever she ends pursuing as she grows up, she will work for the animals. I am very proud of my compassionate, sweet girl. 

Elena wearing her Give Peas a Chance t-shirt

Jason and I took Friday afternoon off together to have lunch and spend some time together. We went to Whole Foods for the salad bar, kombucha and a freshly baked vegan scone. They had a Guava Curry Vinaigrette dressing that was fabulous.

Salad with Guava Curry Dressing

School is starting back on Wednesday. Elena is excited to tell her teacher she is vegan. We are crossing our fingers there is a vegetarian in her new class with a dairy allergy or at least open minded kids. Jason explained to Elena that she didn't have to tell her class that she was vegan however she didn't agree. She explained that each year in school the teacher asks that you share something about yourself, something special that you want everyone to know. There is no way she is not going to share this special thing about herself. Hopefully she will plant more vegan seeds this year the way she did at summer camp.

For the animals,

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